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Located in Harper Woods & Grosse Pointe Farms | Providing Specialized Insurance Knowledge throughout the State

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A company meeting at a board table
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Located in Harper Woods & Grosse Pointe Farms - focused primarily in the Tri-County area;
Providing Specialized Insurance Knowledge throughout the State.

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Peppler Insurance Group provides affordable consultation service and advice for all of your Property & Casualty insurance exposures. We will represent you in any Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance matter, as an Independent Consultant with 44 years of insurance experience in various capacities within the Property and Casualty insurance industry. We work closely with clients to discuss the best mix of coverage along with Risk Management alternatives based on over 30 years of leadership experience and specialized knowledge acquired during a long - established association with many of the Best A+ and A rated insurance carriers and brightest industry minds, leading the P&C marketplace. For protecting your Personal and Business loss exposures, we provide sophisticated risk management advice and procedures; Peppler Insurance Group specializes in through reviews of standard and alternative methods that are available, or which have recently emerged, to protect your financial future and secure your most valuable assets. Our relationship will eliminate uncertainty and render peace of mind security, enhancing your confidence that you own an ideal combination of Price and Protection, knowing should any confusion arise during a property and casualty issue, whether it be coverage questions regarding water damage or flood for example, to uncertainty relating to a claim, coverages, and endorsements currently in place, or the claim settlement process itself. You can have a direct avenue to rely upon and consult, that maintains an independent position representing your best interest alone, from the minute a loss occurs throughout the settlement process; we stand by you until a claim has been resolved to your satisfaction.

The experienced consultants at Peppler Insurance Group are dedicated to integrating custom tailored protection with specialized client service, and clearly communicating a deep-breath of industry-specific knowledge with practical solutions. One of our areas of focused concentration is our familiarity with the competitive position maintained by the lead insurance markets within the State and the consistency the carrier has demonstrated over a reasonable experience period. Knowledgeable in the elements of the rating-making divisions of carriers, actuaries analyze the financial costs of risk and uncertainty. They’ll use mathematics, statistics, and financial theory to assess the risk that an event will occur, and they help businesses and clients develop policies that minimize the cost of that risk. Regarding this experience, we can help correlate the fairness of the premiums charged by a carrier to the limits of coverage and broad perils they protect. This analysis will provide a margin of cost/benefit useful in budgeting and make informed decisions regarding your insurance program. You want the best insurance protection, but you also require clarification and advice on the many enhancements available that match up with your unique needs. Finding the most suitable plan and optimizing your insurance protection precisely for business-owners, individuals, and families, is what Peppler Insurance Group does best. Our insurance experts provide you with a clear picture of a wide range of solutions to meet your objectives.

In today’s complex world of revolutionary advances, sophisticated new products are being marketed at a record-breaking stride. The advances and technologies are then proliferated by news media and broadcast to millions of people within days using the full magnitude and dimension of the internet. In turn, a large ratio of these new products is creating new or increased exposure to loss that was never contemplated by insurance policies written in the past; hence, many policies and coverage language in place today needs to be examined for gaps. By example, Invasion of Privacy exposures, Cyber-crime, and intellectual property issues have broken new ground previously vacant to business owners. Discrimination claims, news media hype, and the global reach of the internet has saturated the minds of nefarious-opportunistic- unprincipled “operators” looking for a target to hit, which has escalated and advanced criminal behavior and absurd law suits to unprecedented levels. As such, coverage analysist and actuarial rate-making divisions of insurance companies must be one of the most aggressive company functions of the carriers we examine and consider recommending. The Peppler Group reviews insurance contracts of companies who are leaders in product/coverage development, not the wait and see followers. This leadership trait is consistent with our long-standing commitment to a risk-management approach and focuses on staying “in the know”; abreast of all aspect of our profession that could possibly influence, be it positive or negative, our clients and your carrier’s well-being. We will address new coverage provisions that will effectively respond to new exposures created by the ever-changing global market conditions advancing each day into gray areas of uncertainty or never-before considered.

Our group of knowledgeable professionals is well-prepared to respond to these developments, researching the latest innovatory provisions by way of new or modified endorsements, or entirely new contracts. The Peppler Group recognizes the importance of communicating and discussing the availability of new coverage and broader policy enhancements via endorsement. Therefore, education is truly a full-circle priority at Peppler Insurance as is the follow through in communicating, relaying and educating our clients.

Now in our third generation of property and casualty insurance specialists, our leadership in the community is well-respected as we continue to grow from the principles and foundation established in 1932, to which we advance to this day. As resounding results, word of mouth referrals and families growing into adulthood generate our consulting referrals: Good People know Good People… we honor these traditions and build off this principle as our primary growth mechanism. Our past experience studied over several decades has proven to us that indirect advertising (i.e. Yellowpages), more often than not, inherently produces adverse selection. As an intelligent, concerned individual or business risk-manager, realizing the benefits of employing the experience of a credentialed professional within a vital, and complicated industry, consider the unique advantages of utilizing the well-versed, extensive experience of a Peppler Group specialist by taking the first step in hearing first-hand, how our business will help yours. Best you do not wait until a loss has occurred to call us, as the minimal outlay of an advance review could provide you with an enhanced portfolio researched review, necessary for the optimum outcome and superior protection matching your full expectations.

The Peppler Insurance Group Difference:

Exceptional Service

Peppler Insurance Group consistently delivers value, a range of options and unique attention to detail. Whether you have questions about an existing policy, are experiencing difficulty in the loss settlement process after filing a claim, or desire advice on a specific circumstance, if your call involves a Property and/or Liability issue, we have or will employ progressive research until we have thoroughly answered to your satisfaction.

Trustworthy and Knowledgeable Advisers

Your personal consultant is committed to going beyond Michigan’s insurance licensing requirements through a commitment to continuing education and advanced certifications. Our management team has positioned our staff to pursue advanced insurance certifications which allow and focus our team to stay abreast of Michigan’s regulatory authorities, State and Federal Statues, and our industries ever-changing legal climate. New loss exposures innately flow from global technology advances and the sundry list of new products being introduced to the marketplace.

Moment of Truth – When a Loss Occurs

Our office is well prepared to respond and assist when a loss occurs and a report must be timely filed with the insurance carrier. While most claims involve routine auto accidents and homeowner’s theft or water loss, a direct report to the insurance company most often is sufficient. However, should you prefer our assistance in reporting, discussing unique details, or procedural questions regarding your loss and required procedures, that’s what we’re here for! We take our jobs seriously and our eight decades of family perpetuation continues to energize our dedication to hard work as we vigorously represent you. Our degree of involvement during a loss will facilitate a timely, fair and equitable resolution.